• The family peaceful at Baan-Tanalai

    We aim to design Project Tanalai Loaded with the shady natural Beautiful environment such as the park and the leisure to suit. Living relax .. With the concept Tropical Modern style design that take into account the happiness of the residents is important for "... The great families at Baan-Tanalai" is the philosophy of the "Baan Tanalai, Baan-Bueng, Chon Buri".

    Apart from the quality of the construction stage each house. Our priority is System Utilities projects. And environmentally on the project area to ensure the quality of life of residents. Project at Baan-Tanalai Ban Bueng ... was to start A modern family life

    Tropical Modern style house with a the perfect ... Baan at Baan-Tanalai projects selected location. Street in optimally Panthong - Ban Bueng Chon Buri convenience every trip. Whether you go wheresoever. at Baan-Tanalai Baan complemented with. assured with the safety standards 24 hours.

    Access - with key card. CCTV Security around Project Baan-Tanalai Baanbunk, Chonburi.

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